Where to Download Launch X431 PAD VII App?

Question: I restored the Launch X431 PAD VII to factory setting, the X431 application was deleted. Where can I download this app on PAD VII or where can I contact the manufacturer or some technical support as soon as possible?


Here is the solution:

How to download Launch X431 PAD 7 App?

Visit X431 official website www.x431.com

Go to User Accounttab, login with User name/CC/email and password


If don’t have a x-431 account. Press Register and register with your CC/email/password


After login, go toServices & Support->Download


Find X431 PAD VII app and download


After download pad vii app, run an upgrade.


NOTE:Need to login Launch X431 account otherwise you will not see X431 PAD7 app.

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