Common problems and solutions when using PCMtuner

Common problems and solutions when using PCMtuner

Here lists some problems and solutions that may occur while using the PCMTuner ECU programmer, hope it helps´╝ü

Problem 1: Go to the official PCMTuner website and get a 419 error.

pcmtuner-problems-and-solutions-1 (2)
Solution: Use the Firefox browser instead of Google.

Problem 2: The error shown in the figure below appears when opening the PCMTuner software.
pcmtuner-problems-and-solutions-2 (2)
Solution: This is caused by opening more software, restarting or ending pcmtuner in the task manager.

Problem 3: Win7 system prompts the specified file not found error.

pcmtuner-problems-and-solutions-3 (2)

For more information on PCMtuner, please pay attention to

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